Thursday, November 22, 2012

Of parties, Drunkenness and Alcohol Infusion. The Black Dog Review.

Take my word for this, the best parties happen where there are no pictures. If you don't believe me, stop trying to plan things for a change (very unlike me). I have become the kind of person who would cook with a camera and can easily eat food that is gone cold because I ended up clicking 14865 pictures of the same dish, just to be sure. Some of the dishes come out so good that I feel like hosting a beauty pageant just for them but then who would photograph them? Sigh... Well, I am losing my train of thought again so back to the party!

Few months ago, the good folks over at Black Dog
sent over a bottle to a bunch of us for review. Yep. A Scotch review. Now I know many of my readers would have taken their time with the bottle and enjoyed it by the peg, but if you ask me, the real test of any item is when the folks do not know what they are trying out is up for a review. That gives out the most honest opinions and that is the real test. So I decided to have a small party at my place. A Black Dog party. And there are no pictures, except this one, with a bunch of others I took off the internet.

There are 3 facets to my review for Black Dog. Having it by itself, making a cocktail and cooking with it.

By itself : I love my peg of Whiskey on its own, neat. What me and everyone else who tried the whiskey said was that while the whiskey did have the definite hit, the fragrance and taste was a little bit stronger to our liking. But when we had it on the rocks and with Soda/Water, it made a world of difference!

Cocktail : I don't know about you guys, but I love me a good Bourbon Flip! And with something as intense as the Black Dog, it was just about perfect without making my Cocktail too subtle and it definitely was potent enough. Here is a quick recipe for the Bourbon Flip from my favorite food blogger, Nick from Macheesmo. [Recipe Link]

Photo Courtesy:  Umamimart's photos via Getty Images on Flickr

Infusion: I infused Black Dog into a chocolate frosting for a cake I was baking. Pardon my crazy schedule and lack of planning, I have a sloppy picture. But the frosting on top is a Whiskey and Dark Chocolate frosting! I recommend all of you to try it , even if you do not want to frost a cake. For a person who believes in too much chocolate, I could just eat the frosting as it is! Imagine getting drunk on Whiskey Chocolate! :D

I see endless possibilities for cooking with Whiskey. How about a Black Dog and Brown Sugar glaze for those Chicken Wings? And why say no to a Whiskey infused ice cream?

I would like to thank the good folks over at Black Dog and Ginger Claps for providing us with free booze! A big thumbs up from all of us at the Caramel Wings Black Dog party!

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