Monday, February 25, 2013

Service Review : Ordering food from

Do you guys believe in Sun Signs? I am a partial believer, as in I think whatever is written about my Sun Sign characteristics completely fits into how I actually am - a hardcore Taurean. Also known as lazy. Taureans can be the laziest people, but when they decide to work on something, they also go overboard with becoming workaholics. As far as eating out goes, I am lazy and unless it is for a review, I end up calling for food from restaurants at home (why waste time getting ready and all that) and enjoy my food properly (in my pyjamas).

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Place Review : Bringing Fresh Breads home from The Baker's Dozen, Wadala, Mumbai.

My obsession with good bread is one of a kind. I spoke some about it in my post for Eat Around The Corner, and I still maintain that the bread eating culture in our country can be described as awesome only when it comes to breads like Roti and Naan. Last month I had the privilege of visiting the baking area of a brand new Bread stop called The Baker's Dozen in Wadala,

Food Review: Tripping on Guilt at Guilt Trip, Bandra, Mumbai

If you have been a regular reader of mine you would know that I do not post a lot of sweet recipes. I really cannot point out the reason why, especially when baking is my forte. Somehow I cannot get myself to click pictures in the middle of all that baking, but maybe some day I will muster up the courage to do so. Taking up a review of a sweet treat shop was the first step for me to do all things sweet, and words had been floating around about how good their desserts were. The beautiful entrance just made me look forward to the whole experience all the more!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Review : Pizza Express, Colaba, Mumbai

 January 2013 can safely be described as Pizza Overdose month in my life. I have had so much Pizza that I could not bring myself to even write the post for this review! But now that we have officially entered Feb (and also because I was going through the pictures in my archives and I felt like visiting the place again), It is high time that I write about this cute (not so) little joint at Apollo Bunder near Gateway of India in Colaba.

It is hard to miss Pizza Express with its lovely entrance and the famous Le Pain Quotidien right next door, and something as inviting as this.

We were greeted by the ever so effervescent Chef Johnny and he took us around the restaurant and I was amazed at how huge the place is from the inside. The Pizzas are made in an open kitchen which is right in the middle of the restaurant and if you ask the Chefs, maybe they will let you help them make your pizza too!

The bike ride from Andheri to Colaba was nothing less
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