How was Caramel Wings born?

Like I said before, all the cooking that I know is by trial and error. I started cooking when I landed in Canada for my training and suddenly the Indian in me started missing home cooked food. That was the day I made my first ever meal by myself - A ready to eat packet of MTR Upma. Gradually, I moved on to real food and was beaten in the face with uncooked rice, burnt rice, inedible mushrooms and overcooked Chicken. But maybe one of the better things in my personality is never to give up, so I kept hanging in there. And look what I've got out of it today! I used to re-write the recipes I read on the internet to make sure I understood correctly, and just so I would not forget them, I started this blog.

Why Caramel Wings?

Caramel stands for my love for all things sweet, and Wings for my love for flight.

What is the motto of this blog?

I just want to make people aware that cooking is not rocket science. Everyone can cook. Except the girl who boiled the water for so long that her boiling pan went black and had to be thrown away.

Who eats what I cook?

This is by far the one question that is asked to me the most. Because I rarely eat the entire portion from whatever it is that I cook. My taste tester and my Guinea Pig Extraordinaire would have to be my brother Nikhil, whose honest critique has always motivated me to do better. When he is not available, I share it with friends and family.

Who clicks the pictures on my blog?

Most times it is me. I do not have a decent camera but I don't think having a good camera would really make a point in showcasing good food. Some pics are terrible thanks to bad lighting and my very low resolution Cellphone camera. I am in the middle of having a professional photographing my blog.

What about Food Reviewing?

A lot of people misinterpret Food Reviews with having to eat food for free in exchange for a good review on the blog. It is not so. When I review a certain food item, I try to do it with respect to a generic palette as opposed to my own. I may like my Spaghetti al dente but most Indians prefer it a tad overdone. Also, food reviewing makes me have to workout even more. 

Which is the best restaurant to eat in town?

If it were up to me, I would never go out to eat my meals. That is because I can cook. And I can cook well. I do, however, feel like eating out once in a while just to give myself a break. So I may not have been to the best restaurants in town but I may know a thing or two about any popular dish that you discuss with me that is a part of these restaurant menu items.

What happens to this blog after I start working?

I plan to keep Caramel Wings very active. The best part about it is that I can always share my travel experiences and talk about new food from wherever I fly to. That is my plan with this blog. To take it Global.

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