Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Healthy Ranting and Salted Caramel Apple Smoothie - 'coz eating healthy need not be boring and I've been away from here for far too long.

Excuse me, for an excerpt from the imaginary book of my life follows before this recipe :

How many of you are or associate with someone or the other whose astrological sign is Taurus? I am a typical girl and believe in astrological sciences and as a Taurus woman I would like to tell you that I am either extremely lazy or extremely active. I have spent 45 days inside my house without feeling the need for stepping out at one point in my life and I don't regret it at all. On the other hand I have been pushing myself to the limit with non stop baking and working out at least twice every day for the past two months. 

It is beyond my understanding why I chose to just play Garfield and sloth around and let all my hard work from last year go to waste, but I have managed to put on all the weight I had lost plus more. I was exhibiting the classic behavior of being in denial until one day my bubble burst when I saw my own picture from last year and went into a mild shock. No, I did not need to lose the kilos, I needed to change my lifestyle.
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