Thursday, July 31, 2014

I travel to eat.

I was just spending my usual time on Twitter where I bumped into Aptece Portugal where they offered the golden chance to fly to Portugal for a 16 day trip just to experience their food and culture. Am I Interested? Is this a rhetorical question? I don't think so! All I had to do was tell you guys why traveling is the bridge to experiencing great food.

To travel for new cuisine is not just about tasting great food. It is a stepping stone into the journey of experiencing new flavors. Why does a certain area cook with a certain produce? How is it affected by topography, and how this entire deal wraps around a beautiful country - absorbing a million stories, right from grand mommies grinding up fresh spices to locally caught fresh Seafood cooked in light broths. I travel to experience a new form of life. It is like being re-born. It lets me be a new person, and it gives me another chance.

I don't think I have to write any more. The above paragraph says it all!

Until next time!

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