Friday, August 23, 2013

Of Abalones and Friendly Cows. Meeting Matt Moran at A Perfect Bite Cook Studio.


I have been going through a tough phase. 2013 has not been the best year so far in terms of health and career but the good side is that I am getting to learn a lot. I read an article recently about 23 signs that show you are an introvert and I have concluded that I am in fact, one. Not just that but I have not felt the writing bug inside me for a while. Its not a switch that turns on and off for me. But then a certain Rushina calls me up one day and invites me for an event where I get to meet none other than Matt Moran, and he speaks of Abalones and friendly Cows, shares a
picture of a Truffle he found that was almost the size of his fist, shows us pictures of his farm and Sheep and his 'Family Steaks'  and it just makes me want to write.

Rushina Munshaw-Ghidiyal, one of the most prominent names in the food circuits today, is one of the most down-to-earth people that I have met in recent times. She is the perfect example of hard work and never giving up, holding on to your dreams and making it happen, yet remain humble and thankful for whatever comes her way and face it with her warm smile. One of her greatest assets, her baby, is A Perfect Bite Cook Studio located at Andheri East which is a dream space, full of stand mixers and ovens and tables and forks and knives and... You get the drill. Its like foodie heaven. Not to mention the sheer vibe of the place as you enter in, it almost makes you forget about the busy lanes outside and makes the tiresome ride back home absolutely worth it.

When Rushina tweeted about having Matt Moran over at her studio, I was beaming with excitement, and when she invited me for a private brunch at her studio with Tourism Australia, I was running around the house, and waited for today. I left home early so that I could make it on time but any Mumbaikar would agree and empathize with me when I say that I was caught in the Andheri East Traffic. When I finally reached the studio, it was buzzing with happiness and humbleness. Rushina was an excellent host and Matt Moran was so easy to talk to. Leave aside all the hype and popularity, the man is all about food and love for cooking. Every person present asked Matt some or the other question related to Australian Food and Wine which he was happy to answer, while I just absorbed and basked in all the positive energy, happiness and inspiration that the room reeked of.

After guzzling down awesome Australian Wine and Food and Desserts, I didn't mind the traffic on my way back home, as anticipated. I am now having the amazing Anzac cookies from Rushina's Lust Pantry that were part of the giveaway along with a new Tourism Australia Apron, Tee and a Bag. Not to mention the other invisible things that came in the bag, which made me write, right away.

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