Is steam cooking chicken the healthiest way to cook it?

An Introduction to Steam Cooking Chicken

Let me tell you a secret - steam cooking, my friends, is almost like a magical spell. It takes an ordinary chunk of chicken and turns it into a nourishing, succulent, and incredibly healthy meal like your taste buds are on a joyride to flavour town. As Caspian, a blogger and an undying enthusiast of healthy cooking, I am intrigued by the multitude of benefits that steam cooking chicken provides. And if you are anything like me, you'd be intrigued too.

Whether you are a novice home cook or a seasoned chef, experimenting with different cooking methods is always fun and exciting. And in this world of culinary adventure, steam cooking indeed stands out as the healthiest and the most flavourful way to cook chicken. And believe me, once you start, there’s indeed no going back!

The Health Benefits of Steam Cooking Chicken

Steam cooking is like that super-healthy gym trainer you once hired, who magically turned you into a shadow of your former pudgy self. It is beneficial for health, lowers the fat content, and increases the nutrient quotient, promising a healthy you. Steam cooking chicken not only helps in preserving its nutrients but also provides you with lean meat, the unsung hero of a healthy diet. Anyone who's ever wrangled the temptation of a greasy burger (or twenty) will appreciate the healthy turn that steam cooking can bring to the table.

While other cooking methods like grilling, frying, or roasting require oil or fat, steam cooking eliminates the need for additional fats thus reducing the overall calorie content. The method also retains the essential vitamins and minerals, which may otherwise be lost in other high-heat cooking processes. And let's not forget, it helps keep the meat tender and juicy, resulting in a delicious meal that is as pleasing to the tongue as it is to the body!

Equip Yourself for Steam Cooking

So, you've just dashed off to dig up that dusty steamer from the back of your cabinet, huh? But what if I told you that you don't necessarily need a food steamer to steam cook your chicken? Yes, that's right, all you need is a heat source, a pot with a good fitting lid and a perforated pan or collapsible steamer basket. Pretty simple, isn't it?

A pressure cooker could also be your knight in shiny armour here. By using a trivet to elevate the chicken above the water level, you can secure the same steaming action as a regular steamer, with even faster cooking time. However, whether you use a stovetop steamer, electric steamer, pressure cooker, or a simple makeshift steamer, the essence of the health benefits remains the same.

Perfecting The Recipe: Steam Cooking Chicken 101

I’ve had a fair share of kitchen catastrophes, and trust me, seeing your meticulously prepared chicken come out either too dry or too bland can be a heartbreaking ordeal. Breaking away from conventional cooking techniques can seem daunting, but with a little bit of courage and patience, I assure you, the results will be finger-licking good.

The trick is to remember that the steam's heat cooks the chicken, so there should always be enough water in the pot to create sufficient steam. Using herbs and spices in the water not only seasons the chicken but also imparts a subliminal aromatic essence to the meat. Try using experimenting with lemon, fresh rosemary, garlic, ginger, or even chilli flakes for that extra zing!

Fun and Crazy Ways to Enjoy Steam Cooked Chicken

If you think that steam cooked chicken is just for those diet days, you're missing out! Steam cooked chicken can become the star of many lip-smacking dishes. How about a chicken salad with a colourful burst of veggies for a Sunday brunch? Or perhaps a steamed chicken sandwich that you can slyly sneak into your kids' lunchbox? The possibilities are endless!

Rewind back to one of my Summer vacations a few years ago, I remember preparing a steam cooked chicken tortilla wrap for a family picnic. The wraps were an instant hit and since that day, steam cooked chicken has been a staple in all my family get-togethers. You see, not only is this cooking method healthier, but it also spares you the guilt of indulging in your favourite chicken dishes!

The Takeaway: Steam Cook Your Way To Good Health

There you have it, folks! The secret’s all out in the open now. Steam cooking chicken is indeed a revolutionary way to retain all the goodness while preparing a tasty meal. It's low on fat, high on nutrients, and the flavour, oh the flavour!

Spreading the good word about steam cooking chicken is, in a lot of way, akin to sharing my personal journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Caspian’s kitchen is always open for more steaming adventures! Here’s to hoping that the path to steam cooking elevates your culinary experiences the way it has lifted mine. So, let's wear those aprons, folks, and steam cook our way to good health!

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